Barbara P. The Villages
When I am looking for Florida Friendly and Native plants I visit Shady Oaks Gather All Nursery. Co-owner Allen Wise is always helpful and willing to share expertise and landscape design ideas. The nursery is located in a natural setting so shoppers can visualize how natives look in a Florida Garden environment. Always, worth a visit!
Katherine The Villages
I first met Allen at a master gardener meeting three years ago, and it was at that point I was introduced to Shady Oaks Gather All. Since that time, I have taken advantage of his expert knowledge of “right plant, right place” and the nursery’s collection of Florida-friendly plants. Shady Oaks Gather All Nursery is an excellent place to obtain those hard to find natives. If the Nursery doesn’t have specific plants I’m looking for, they work to find them. Driving down 301 inevitably leads me to stopping and picking Allen’s brain on new plants and ideas. I look forward to my next visit.
Ann Lake Panasoffkee
Shady Oak Gather All Nursery is a great place to find those hard to locate native plants and get knowledge about them and their care. My plants from there have all done very well, plus it’s a fun place to shop.
Citrus Tree
Roslyn Sumterville, FL
I have been purchasing plants from Shady Oaks Gather All for several years. The plants are healthy and Allen is very knowledgeable. He give you all the information you need to know- where to plant, when to water, how to prune, and to care for you purchase.
Michael Webster, FL
Shady Oaks Gather All Nursery is the best place to purchase Florida Native Plants in this area. Allen has knowledge of plants is varied and authentic. If he can’t answer your questions on the spot, he will tell you where to find the answers.
Yard Statues
Elton Wildwood, FL
Shady Oaks is great native plant nursery! Allen is very helpful and the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to Florida native plants and how to care for them.
Donna Bushnell, FL
Go Native! This is the style of landscaping I have chosen to create in my busy life. Thanks to Allen Wise and he wealth of knowledge and passion for natives and other varieties well suited for our specific environmental conditions, Allen is helping me create a landscape of little maintenance, but still wonderfully beautiful. If Allen does not have a specific plant you are looking for, chances are he will find it for you. His passion for wildlife is unsurpassed and can easily direct you to plants that will welcome wildlife to enrich your garden space. I have known Allen for many years and believe his passion for plants, wildlife and our environment is an inspiration to all.
Peg FNPS member-Pear Association member
I have always enjoyed our visits to Shady Oaks Gather All plant nursery and found Allen, to be very knowledgeable about the plants and the best use for them. He also went out of his way to obtain some native plants for us, from other sources, if he did not have them on hand. In fact, some of the native species that we used in restoring habitats at Pear Park, Leesburg, FL have come from this nursery and have done well.
Margaret Oxford, FL
When I went to purchase a native plant for my home, I contact Allen, part owner of Shady Oaks Gather All, located at 665 N Hwy 301, Sumterville, FL. He has a good selection at his nursery. When I describe where I want to place the plant, he knows what will grow well in that location. When I describe what I want from the plant such as easy maintenance, fruit, color shade or food for butterflies, he will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the plants that will grow in my location and perform what I want. His prices are reasonable and I enjoy doing business with him.
Vicki The Villages
Discovering Allen Wise’s Shady Oaks Gather All Nursery was a great advantage to me as a new full-time Florida resident who was surprised by the differences in gardening experiences here compared to my previous efforts “up north”. After having one bad experience with a landscaper who put in mostly tropical plants that suffered in an unusually cold Florida winter, I decided to design and landscape the yard myself with mostly native plants. Allen was a gardener’s dream in providing advice, reading recommendations, products and appropriate plants to help me turn my backyard into an area that gives me great joy and gets raves from the neighbors. By using Allen’s recommended natives and Florida-Friendly plants, it is also a yard that requires minimum care in spite of its large size and it provides something in bloom all year round. Allen sometimes suggests a plant that he doesn’t have in stock but is always willing to get it for me, and at a reasonable price. Allen and his business have filled a special place in my life.
Jim Davis UF?IFAS Sumter County - Master Gardener Coordinator

On behalf of the UF/IFAS Sumter County Master Gardener program, we would like to thank Shady Oaks Gather All for its contributions to our fundraising program and demonstration garden. Allen was very helpful and knowledgeable. The plants contributed were all of high quality and we received some very unique native plants not commonly sold in other areas. Examples include silver saw palmetto, green-eyes, Withlacoochee viburnum, rosinweed, Florida privet and paw paws.


I have been a customer of “Shady Oaks Gather All” for over seven years. With Allen’ input, I continue to fill my gardens with colorful flowering plants, attracting butterflies, birds, and pollinators. I am incorporating native, and non-invasive plants in to the garden spaces. His variety of plants is wonderful and he carries popular varieties to unique, less commonly known. The prices are reasonable, and I especially appreciate Allens’ interest in the natural Florida landscape. Based on his experiences, knowledge base, and involvement in organizations/societies, I find him to be a very valuable resource.